Our recent activity is on Victoria's Facebook or Bill's Facebook. (Facebook account required)

The Family Tree is available on MyHeritage.com or on Ancestry.com or can be accessed directly at https://family.macsata.com. To respect the privacy of family members, an account is required to view it.

The Photo Albums link takes you to some very old photos stored on OneDrive. The videos are also from OneDrive and are equally as old, but at least they open in the same page. I am not going to stop you, just setting expectations.


In 2019, I simplified this website and added the very fancy "New home page content coming soon" line. Well it is years later and that hasn't happened and probably won't ever happen. There are so many places that are much easier to post content. It was fun and still is fun to mess around with this page, but now I spend a lot more time on home improvement projects. You can find many of them on my facebook page.